Case Studies

The Retail Fixture Company work tirelessly to ensure the very best retail fixture solutions are created, designed and manufactured for your product. Below are three examples from three different types of clients – A wholesaler, reseller and a ghost client (where we operate within and as part of the client’s organisation with no mention of TRFC). Please contact us if you have any questions.

Jas Oceania Case Study

JAS Oceania – Wholesaler

Wholesaler Retail Fixture Solutions


Problem: Needed flexible fixtures to suit a large variety of products and also differentiate them from competitors.

Solution: TRFC developed a range of fixtures that were flexible, simple, clean and attractive to suit a wide range of products and product ranges.

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JAS  is one of the largest wholesalers of Automotive Electrical, Air-Conditioning and Lighting products in Australia. They are experts in their field and wished to expand and their retail offering. JAS engaged The Retail Fixture Company (TRFC) after recommendations from colleagues.


The task was not a simple one. Design merchandisers for a large and varied range of products, in all shapes and sizes, and deliver a uniform yet flexible range of systems and brackets. TRFC attended many briefings to get a good handle on just what JAS required. After numerous sketches, visualisations and samples, TRFC delivered a range of retail fixture solutions and cohesive merchandisers that delivered to their brief: Simple, Clean and Attractive.


Highly adaptive – Must suit as many retail environments as possible- PegBoard- Slatwall- Punch Panel- desktop.

Cost effective – In order to reach all potential retailers the system had to be scalable and affordable.

Innovative – TRFC are currently designing a new desktop merchandiser that will highlight JAS’s ability to produce electrical switches to OE standard.

Retail Fixture Solutions

Alexander – Reseller

Retail Store and Concession Designer


Problem: Needed creative and highly adaptable systems to solve their client’s shopfitting needs.

Solution: TRFC used their creative design and manufacturing expertise to develop racking and retail fixture solutions for Alex to sell onto his clients.

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TRFC met Alexander; a Retail Store and Concession Designer, in the USA at Globalshop in Las Vegas 2016. He designs stores and concessions for wholesalers and retailers alike. He is tasked with creating beautiful spaces with engaging and innovative visuals.

Alexander was not able to find readily available fixtures to meet his design requirement- both in look and functionality. He wanted to step up his ability to provide a unique offering.


Jock and Kevin both sat with Alexander to engineer a full retail system that would satisfy his eye for design, plus the flexibility he needed. This would ensure his clients we re able to fully utilise the space within their store or concession both practically and aesthetically. Over the span of 3 months we utilised CAD and 3D designs to show Alexander what could be achieved with the fewest possible parts. Built in full flat pack we were able to create metal, timber and acrylic designs to fully compliment his vision.


You will find at Alexander’s designs, and TRFC’s manufacturing in many stores and concessions around the world. We continue to support Alexander and his team to deliver innovative and functional store fixtures and retail fixture solutions to his team.

Retail Fixture Solutions

S.M – Ghost Client

Victorian Based Shopfitter


Problem: Matt’s clients were using other manufacturers to purchase their metal fixtures instead of using his joinery.

Solution: Matt sourced TRFC to do the background work in designing and manufacturing metal fixtures for Matt to then on sell to his clients.

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About SM

S.M is a Victorian Based Shopfitter, with a full joinery shop.

He has a large base of national and local retailers that rely on his cabinet making skills. S.M delivers counters and joinery to avery high standard. Recently S.M noticed he wasn’t getting as many items to manufacture as he previously had from his clients. This is because many of his items were being re-sourced as metal fixtures, instead of traditional joinery.

He was being beaten out on price and flexibility.

Past Experience

S.M has no expertise in metal design or manufacturing. S.M went online and found a factory in China, – they claimed to be able to satisfy S.M’s requirements. S.M received his first delivery from this factory some 12 weeks later. Unfortunately for S.M, what he thought he was buying was not what he received, and 10 tonnes of steel went to the recycler. S.M was in a pickle, both financially and professionally. The pressure was on to deliver.

TRFC On Board

We were recommended to S.M from one of his industry contacts, Jock, and Kevin. TRFC team then assisted S.M in a re-design and re-engineering of the fixtures S.M needed to satisfy his customers now urgent needs. From re-design to sampling to production- 10 weeks later S.M received the retail fixture solutions he needed, and now supplies not only his fantastic joinery- but a full racking system to his client.

The Retail Fixture Company do this without S.M’s customer ever knowing TRFC exist. S.M does all of the front end liaison with his clients while TRFC work in the background to help and support S.M to generate solutions for his clients. We support S.M throughout the process, and provide technical and manufacturing drawings, 3D visualisations and pre-production samples. This gave S.M the confidence to quote and win the job, knowing full well his ability to provide a high quality item, with pricing that’s suits both his margin expectations and his clients end price.


We continue to support S.M, and are currently designing a series of merchandisers to expand S.M’s reach into Pharmacy, Beauty and Gift retailers